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Ever wonder why some Football Index traders seem to do so much better than others? Who knows, maybe some are just born lucky! What's for sure is that keeping a Journal will turn you into a better trader. It's an easy way to keep track of your buys, sells, profits, and losses. But that's just the start. You'll soon learn to recognise what works for you and what's better avoided. For example, are you a natural flipper? Or is that just a way to lose money? Football Index Trading Journal helps you play to your strengths, nutmeg your flaws and significantly increase your profits!

A professional system that delivers the results you need to make successful trading decisions

Football Index Trading Journal is the brainchild of seasoned Football Index traders. While trading equities, currencies and commodities over the years, we have learned and had it drummed in to us that if you want to be a profitable trader, you need to keep proper records and a journal.

This is why we have designed a Trading Journal Tool Kit that is specifically for Football Index. As you’ll see when you take your trial, the system has been professionally built. It works on a desktop or a mobile – and yes, that does include Android.

By recording our Football Index buys and sells and our day to day thoughts, insights and strategies, we give ourselves the edge we need to outwit other traders and improve our profitability on Football Index.

And just like the Index itself, the Journal is always trying to improve itself. As a member you'll be invited to join a private group of traders who are keen to improve their skills and we are about to start developing premium members-only content. So you see that free trial button at the top of the screen? Click now and get started with your free trial.

Find out how journaling about an injury to Leroy Sane led to a profitable trade on Wilfred Zaha

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Even better, you can try out everything at no risk. Sign up up for your 14-day free trial and if you decide it's not for you just cancel before the 15th day and you won't be billed.

As soon as you've registered we'll send your User Guide and video links to help you unleash the full potential of your Football Index Trading Journal.