Is this for you?


On Football Index, we can all learn ‘tricks of the trade’ from traditional financial traders and investors. And the trading elite all say the same thing: those who take the time to review their past buys and plan their next purchases grow richer far faster than others who are driven by ego and reckon they can wing it with no need to keep proper records. With this in mind, we have developed Football Index Trading Journal.

But it is not for everyone.

  • If you see yourself as an occasional punter who has a flutter on the Index every once in a while, or if your superpower is a photographic memory, then move along. Nothing to see here.
  • If your trading philosophy is win-some-lose-some and you don’t really care how much you make or lose, the concept of a Trading Journal is unlikely to appeal. Because we are all about the tracking that leads to more wins and bigger wins.
  • But if you’re like many Football Index traders – keen to make serious cash – then try using the Trading Journal for the next 14 days.

How to make the most of your Football Index Trading Journal

Bespoke software enables you to build a complete picture of every player you buy and sell including prices, position size, reasons for entering and exiting trades, your timeframe and your profit and loss breakdowns.

All easy to input and equally fast to access the worth-its-weight-in-gold information you need to plan future trades.

Which trades really paid off? And why?

The tool kit gives you proper profit and loss monitoring on every trade you make. And as your Trading Journal expands, you’ll gain a far greater understanding of how to make sure the green numbers are a lot higher than those in red.

You'll also see what trading style makes you most money. Do those long-term holds where your cash is tied up for weeks really pay off better than getting in and out of a player in a few days? You might be surprised! And of course everything you learn gives you powerful ammunition - and confidence - to scale up on the trades that are potentially most profitable in future.

Your overall profitability: in-depth feedback

You can view your trading patterns across fifteen different P&L feedback graphs, including average breakdowns plus daily, monthly and all-time records.

You'll also create an Open Player Percentage Chart like the one shown here.

It displays your entire portfolio at a glance, which can be as real risk management eye-opener. Too reliant on Neymar? So maybe take some Neymar cash because you think Timo Werner's about to soar? Decision making gets much easier with your Football Index Trading Journal.


If you've read this far, you're probably interested in giving it all a try. And still you've only heard the half of it! Because it's the Trading Journal itself that's going to grow into a successful trading blueprint as you continue to play the Index.

Yeah, we know, journaling sounds a bit girlie. But that's what they call it in the City, where professional traders are required by their bosses to keep them. Think of it as a logbook, the place where you hold yourself accountable.

What made you buy those Paulo Dybala in the first place? You fancied his PB chances? Transfer rumours? A tip on Facebook? Bored and with money in your wallet he looked as good a prospect as anyone else? What are you expectations now? If he spikes up - or down - in price, what are you planning to do? It's here in the Trading Journal that you'll make a plan for every player you hold.

By 'keeping it honest' you'll learn how to turn bad habits into good ones. Profitable trades will feel less random and you'll get to understand much better how taking a loss doesn't make you a loser. By gaining real insights into your past actions, you'll become a confident trader. And your bottom line will thank you.


Risk-free trial: Nothing to lose if you decide there is no value in tracking your results

No matter whether you've only just started trading or you've been on the Index for a few months, you'll be amazed how getting into good trading habits really pays off.

As soon as you've logged a few trades, you'll be on the path to improved profitability.

Day by day, week by week, trade by trade, you'll create a personal log. and it won't be long before you'll see at a glance:

  • Where you’re going wrong
  • What you’re getting right
  • How to limit the damage on losing trades
  • What works best for you
  • Trades that should be avoided in future
  • How to squeeze extra profit from your trades