Membership Benefits

Your Football Index Trading Journal Tool Kit

  • Record, review, learn, and improve from your entire trading history with your personal Trading Journal
  • Fifteen different Profit & Loss feedback graphs including Average Breakdowns, Overall P&L, Portfolio Percentage Chart plus much more
  • Trade Alerts and Reminders to ensure to help monitor price changes you're on top of all your trades and don't get caught out by volatility
  • Task Checklist to help you stay focused, disciplined, and remember key dates and information
  • Export function to your Excel spreadsheet
  • Access to five hours of experienced trading advice on video: includes market analysis, trading strategies, trading performance and mindset advice, player tips - and new videos uploading regularly
  • Private Facebook page that gives you access to the Football Index Trading Journal community and individual help and advice from team members
  • Full Football Index Trading Journal Members receive premium content at no extra cost: When we receive your first payment we'll send you a free eBook: SEVEN PROVEN MONEY-MAKING STRATEGIES ON FOOTBALL INDEX AND HOW TO MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU

See what our members say about Football Index Trading Journal

“I've been on the Index for about two years and so much has changed. When I joined you could just lump money into a player like Zlatan, Rooney or Pogba, then sit back and watch your portfolio soar. It was more like an ISA than a trading platform. These days, you have to be a lot more savvy, and I enjoy trading far more actively. I'm by no means one of the biggest or best traders on Football Index, but I am consistently profitable. So to be honest, I needed a bit of an arm twist to persuade me to set up a Trading Journal. I was already using an Excel spreadsheet - at least when I remembered - and I thought that was enough, along with the accumulated knowledge in my head. Wrong! As a member of Football Index Trading Journal for a couple of months now, I've got all the info and data I need at my fingertips, instantly searchable. It works much better for me than scribbles on a bits of paper I end up losing, or documents I forget I ever created. Here's my favourite feature - like many traders I'm heavily invested in Neymar and the trick is going to be timing my exit so I don't lose too much of my paper profits. I've got a plan for that . . . written down in my Football Index Trading Journal”

KAI, North London

“I'm just coming up for a year on Football Index and my Trading Journal has completely changed my style of trading. I now realise my previous trading decisions had only a small chance of profit because what I though would happen had only a small chance of what actually did happen. Now I can look back on the things that didn't work, and that means I've stopped punting on unlikely winners. You have to face up to the honesty of the data you record. It's very efficient and I can log my data much quicker than written notes or filling out a spread sheet. Basically, I have acquired better common sense skills and a focus on building a viable trading strategy.”

CW. Sussex

“I started trading in May 2017 because of my love of football, and my trading decisions reflected this. Once I started using the Football Index Trading Journal I realised this way of trading was a bad habit that was resulting in losses. It soon became clear that I was overtrading. I realised this through the Profit and Loss graphs, and it was down to a boredom factor. The various graphs mean I can now see my risk clearly for my entire portfolio, so if it's lopsided, I can take action. I always thought of myself as a steady, profitable trader. But in the three months since I've been a Trading Journal member, those profits have spiked 40% higher than my previous highest profitable month.”

TE, Liverpool